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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ghost Town Investigation

This investigation took place on March 18, 2012. This was all of our first time out at this location.

This town I had researched for about three years, and never really had the chance to go check it out, until yesterday. This town did not let us down by any means. I had a personal experience (that member John can back up) that frightened me greatly.

This town is bigger than most ghost towns we've investigated. I do have to say that I love investigating ghost towns simply for the fact that it's mostly history that's been forgotten. I feel as if it's a story that's begging to be told. And who better to do it than paranormal investigators?

The town does still have a few people living in it, but all business buildings have been abandoned for quite some time, and they are accessible. On one side of the street, there is a little pavillion type thing, along with a Historical Marker. On the other side of the street, there are four buildings, one brick, one steel, and two houses that are in horrible shape, but can be investigated. We spent most of our time in the brick, and steel buildings.

Photo: The brick building

Starting our investigation in the brick building, we all settled down throughout the front part of the building. I happened to be sitting the farthest back, while everyone else sat closer to the door. It wasn't about thirty minutes after the investigation started when my personal experience took place. The building was pitch dark. We could hardly see two inches in front of us. Everyone was snapping pictures. Jack had snapped a picture towards one of the walls, and within the flash I saw a full figure, standing not even two feet away from me, and to my left slightly, just glaring at me. It truly frightened me. The feeling I got was not a kind feeling. I literally felt afraid. I've seen apparitions before, and none of those experiences scared me like this one did. I started to ask questions, like who took the picture, etc. John stated he saw the figure standing exactly where I saw it, and I did not even say where the figure was standing. So that confirmed that John did see the figure I had just seen. Within a few minutes, I still felt uneasy, so I had to excuse myself to compose myself. After I had relaxed a bit, I went back into the building to continue investigating with my fellow investigators.

After investigating for a little while longer, we decided to go to the steel building to do some investigating.

Photo: The Steel Building

The steel building was very interesting. This is the building where we had our very interesting, and long flashlight session. As you'll find on our Facebook, website, and YouTube pages, the flashlight session was awesome. It's by far the longest flashlight session I've ever been a part of.

The wait was well worth the trip, and the investigation. There's no doubt in my mind that we'll be paying this Ghost Town another visit to hopefully help tell the spirits history for them.


  1. Did you get to find out who the apparition is/was?

  2. Not for sure, but we suspect it was the previous building's owner named Virgil.