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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sanger, TX Cemetery Investigation

Upon researching this cemetery, I felt very drawn to it, as did a few of G.P.S.'s other members, which is why we decided to make this our first investigation of the year.

As we arrived, I felt as if it was going to be a very interesting night. We went to the very back of the cemetery, and parked our vehicles. We then took a small amount of time to get our vibes on the cemetery, and where we were getting called to. After gathering all of our equipment, we split up into small groups. The cemetery from the outside appeared very small, but once you got inside of it, it was a lot bigger than we all suspected.

Myself, and two other investigators decided to go to the middle of the cemetery, sit down, and have an EVP session. The session started out very quietly, but as we started asking more questions, the activity seemed to pick up dramatically. First it was myself, and investigator Krista who heard very faint, disembodied female voices coming from quite a ways behind us. When it happened the second time, our other investigator who was with us, Sarah, heard it as well. The three of us heard this disembodied voice several times throughout the night.

From across the cemetery, our other Founder, Jack, called me on our two way radios, asking if I had just tried to 'call' him. I said no, and asked why. He then said that he heard a female voice come across the radio. He described it as sounding like it was a voice coming through via the Ghost Box. Only one other female investigator had her radio with her, and she didn't even have it on. So there was no explanation for this voice coming across the radio.

We had a skeptic with us as well, who has never really had a paranormal experience before. He is slowly becoming a believer, as he lives on an active farm. At one point during the investigation, he asked me to take a picture towards him, stating that he was feeling something around him. So for a semi-skeptic to say he feels something, proves to me that it is an active location. Once I took the photo, I noticed a dim orb above him.
None of us with recorders stopped recording until we left. I am hoping upon further review that we will come across some better evidence that we will be able to share.

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