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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Pride House Overnight Investigation

Photo From The Pride House

I know that this is probably the most over done statement, but if I had to say one word to sum up this investigation, it would be WOW! The Pride House is simply an awesome place, not only to stay the night at, but to investigate. As soon as you open the door, and step foot inside, it seems like there is nothing but history begging to be told.

I was simply amazed at how awesome every room of this house looked. Every single spot in the house was just beautiful, if you like historical locations. The Pride House is the oldest Bed and Breakfast in Texas, which says a lot about its history, and age.

Most of the team arrived at the house right before 11am. After talking briefly about the house, and its history, we all began our own personal tours of the house. We went from room to room, admiring how beautiful each of the rooms were. There are six rooms (in the main house), each equipped with its own bathroom, and its own history. After we all decided which rooms we would each be staying in, we all got settled in, and started to get a feel for the house.

In the room myself and my husband shared, I really had to use the restroom. I shut the door (a very heavy door to say the least) behind me. Our bathroom was modest in size, and not too much room to move. While in there, and the door shut, I felt a breeze brush by my head. In this bathroom, there is NO air flow with the door shut. I looked over, and the toilet paper was also slightly swaying back and forth, as if something had just rushed by it. Again, this bathroom was very small, and no air flow, so there was no explanation for the sudden rush of air that brushed by me. We hadn't been there for very long, and I was already experiencing unexplainable things.

After a while of just chatting, we all decided to take a quick nap before the investigation started. Not too much happened to me during this time.

Once the investigation started, we were greeted by a big amount of explainable occurrences. The investigation started in the downstairs parlor. I stayed upstairs at this time, in our room, to monitor the DVR Cameras. During which time, those in the parlor experienced an awesome flashlight session.

As the night continued, myself and another member, Tanya, went upstairs and sat in the hallway. We used a toy ball as a trigger object for the children spirits that are said to haunt the house. Every now and then while watching the ball, we did see it slightly move back and forth. Also during this time, a lot of members experienced their new batteries in their cameras, and flashlights being completely drained of their energy. I believe a few people had to put new batteries in equipment several times throughout the investigation.

The 'formal' investigation came to an end around 3am. I was dead tired (no pun intended), so I decided to go straight up and hit the bed. While I was trying to fall asleep, I felt a hand gently stroke my head. It was very, very comforting, and soothing. At first, I thought that Jack had joined me in bed. I opened my eyes to find that I was still by myself. I then flipped over, and within a few minutes, I felt the same stroking of my head. It was a very loving feeling, as if the person had known me. I soon drifted off to sleep.

Sometime during the night, I got woken up by the sound of little girls giggling. It was very clear, like it was coming from the corner of the room. I thought nothing of it, and drifted back to sleep.

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