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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Favorite Photo Evidence

So, a lot of people ask me what my favorite piece of photo evidence that G.P.S. has captured. That is simple. The photos posted below are by far my favorite. So, what's the back story?

We were investigating a ghost town's cemetery. This cemetery has been very badly vandalized. Someone went in, and bulldozed all of the headstones to the ground. The local Historical Society is currently in the process of putting all the stones back up.
This photo was taken during one of our investigations to this location. This photo was taken near the entrance to the cemetery. If you look towards the bottom of this apparition, you can clearly see a small headstone at her feet. You can also see that she appears to be holding something in her arms. A lot of people who have seen this photo are saying that it's a statue of some kind. However, as I've said, there were no statues in this area, much less the rest of the cemetery. However, I'll let you decide. The first photo is the full original photo. The second is an enlarged version of the apparition.


  1. And what is the black Crypt-sized object with this aparition? Assuming this is not staged, a photo of the exact location and angle this photo was taken in good daylight would be beneficial for comparison. Zooming in on the picture even more shows there is clearly a rectangle-shaped object approximately 8 feet wide, by 4 feet tall (judging by the height of the apparition, and assuming it is slightly bent over.) It appears to me to be facing left, possibly seated on something.

    1. The thing you are seeing is a fenced in tombstone, which belonged to a child. It is a late 1800's to early 1900's tombstone.