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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Ovilus vs Phone Apps

A lot of people do not like to use either piece of equipment, while others use one over the other. So what is my opinion?
G.P.S. does not have an Ovilus, however we do use some of the Android Apps, such as the Ghost Radar, Ghost Detector, etc, and have had some very interesting results while using the apps.

My question is, what makes one better than the other? What if the phone apps have the same exact concept as the Ovilus? Does this make the Ovilus better, since you'll have to spend a couple hundred dollars on one, vs having to pay only a few dollars?

My experience while using the phone apps on the Android phones has been quite interesting. During one investigation, my phone app had said the name 'Hector'. You can hear me say this out loud. A few seconds after I said the  name, we captured an EVP that said 'Hector'.

Another time while using the app, a dot popped up onto the radar, showing that there could possibly be a spirit right next to me. I put my hand out to where this dot was, and there was a very noticeable cold spot in that exact spot, and other investigators with me felt it also.

Lets talk about the Ovilus. When you purchase one, you will see that on the front of it, it says "For Entertainment Purposes Only". Which, oddly, is what the phone apps say as well.

Before bashing it, experiment with it! You never know, if you have the Ovilus, you may get more interesting results out of the phone app, or vise versa. Like the old saying goes: "Don't knock it til you try it!"

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