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Sunday, December 18, 2011

McKinney, TX Cemetery Investigation

We investigated a McKinney, TX Cemetery called Pecan Grove. It's the oldest cemetery in McKinney, and is said to be one of the oldest in North Texas. This was mine, and Jack's second time to the cemetery, and it was everyone else's first time there. The first time Jack and I went, we got some activity, but this time it was a lot more active! The first time we went, it was apart of a meet up with our Mentor Brenda. So there were a lot more people, which could have played a part in the activity we received the first time. However, on this visit, there were only 6 people with us, so that may have welcomed the spirits to us more.

We got to the cemetery right after the sun had set. Upon arriving, we all started getting vibes about the place. I had already snapped a few photos, during which time I noticed I received quite a few orbs. The temperature was in the high 30's, so I highly doubt any bugs were out.

Myself, and fellow investigator John, had settled at a spot near the cars to do an EVP/Ghost Box session. We introduced ourselves during the session. John asked 'Could you say my name, John?' We heard his name come across the Ghost Box. John then asked any spirits present to say my name. Right after, a female voice comes across the Ghost Box that said 'Pretty'. I asked any spirits present 'If you just said pretty, could you repeat it again please?' After I asked that, a male voice came across saying 'Pretty'. At this time, my recorder began to get drained, so I headed back to the car to rebattery.

Soon after this, we decided to drive to find one of the two hidden parts of the cemetery. Once we were there, myself, John, and our newest member, Tanya, sat on the road, to have another EVP session. This is where it started to get very interesting! We all had our recorders going when we all heard what sounded like a little girl, from behind us, say something. We all turned around to look, there was no one there. Within seconds of this happening, both my camera, and John's became completely drained, to where we had to put new batteries in. So, not only did we hear this little girl with our ears, both pieces of equipment were completely drained of their battery power. This in itself was amazing to us, as this had never happened like that before!

We had finally found one of the two hidden parts of the cemetery. I began snapping pictures, right after another, and received some very interesting results. Clustered, very brightly colored orbs around the 'Cemetery Office.' I snapped three in a row, and all three had the orbs, but had shifted directions.

Moving on to the second hidden part of the cemetery is where we got most of the activity. John took a number of photos of me. The first picture, there was an orb above me. I was picking up on the name 'Julie', so we would ask her if she could be in a certain spot in each photo, and in each photo an orb would be where we asked. Again, (other than EVP), there's no better confirmation about an orb than that, to me.

Once we went to the very back of this part of the cemetery, Jack began to get physically ill. He started having sever chest pains, along with sever back pain. We all felt as if there was a very negative spirit in that area, that did not want us there. Jack became so ill, it appeared that he was going to faint.

That's the investigation of Pecan Grove Cemetery, in McKinney, TX! It was a very interesting night. Most of the photos have been analyzed. They are up on our site. EVP's are next. Hopefully we captured some awesome things on recorder!


  1. Good work! It's because of dedicated people like you that the field is advancing! The more people we have looking, the better chances we have of finding answers! Always feel free to post or comment on the Paranormal Avenues website.

  2. Thank you so much for the awesome compliment!! That really made my day!

  3. Hi my name is addison im new to ghost hunting and tonight will be my first official hunt any advice and any hot spots you know of in Mckinney to investigate?

    1. I know it's a bit late, but the advice I have to share will still be useful. Always keep yourself grounded during investigations. If you do not keep yourself grounded, and protected at all times, it will be easier for any spirits, good or bad, to follow you home, and even attach themselves to you. If you contact me via e-mail at amanda@graysonparanormalsociety, I will share some paranormal hot spots with you. I'd rather not do it in a public form. Thank you for your feedback, and I hope you continue to read my blog!