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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Best Photo Evidence From Honey Grove Texas Investigation

I've done something similar before, so I figured I'd do it again. In this blog, you will find the best photo evidence G.P.S. uncovered while investigating a cemetery in Honey Grove, TX. Each photo will have an in-depth description with them. So, enjoy!

If you look closely, you will be able to see a figure in the tree line.

There are two things in this photo that stand out. First, in the square box, you will see what appears to be a closed fist. Within the circle, you will be able to see a figure within the trees. Also, notice the temp on this photo. That night was very hot, in the 90's. All other photos taken with this night vision camera had a temp reading in the 90's.

This is an enlarged, and cropped piece of a photo. I found this orb to be very strange. Look at the coloring, the shaping, and how it appears to be moving up.

This photo, not a lot of people see what we are seeing. Look very closely, and you'll be able to see two figures that seem to be hiding behind the tree. The figure on the right appears to have glowing eyes. Also, notice how a hand seems to be wrapped around the front of the tree.

Again, this is a photo that a lot of people argue with us about. This is enlarged, and cropped from the original photo. You can make out the head (also what looks to be a cowboy hat), shoulders, an arm, a leg. Also, notice how the left arm appears to be reaching up, leaning against the tree.

This cemetery is very active, and has been very badly disturbed by the living. Only about six tombstones remain, the rest of them have been taken. Also, the cemetery's name sign at the road has also been taken. We did research on this cemetery, and the most recent burial was in the 1920's. As you can tell from these photos, the cemetery has been badly neglected. The grass, and weeds were up to my knees, at the least. It's very saddening to see a cemetery in this bad of shape. We've investigated cemeteries that have been in bad shape, but this cemetery beats all!

The activity level seemed to start as soon as we arrived. Even when a few of us did some investigating at the main street leading to the cemetery seemed to be active. I know that while myself, and fellow G.P.S. Crew Member Deanna were investigating at the street, the feeling of being watched was very heavy. Heavier than in the cemetery.

So, why is this cemetery so active? Could it be because their resting places have been disturbed so badly? My answer is simple: Yes!

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