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Friday, June 22, 2012

Incense Scents and Meanings

There has been a high demand on people wanting to know what incense scent meanings are, and what they're good for. So, I figured this would be a perfect blogging topic! Enjoy, and I really hope you find this list to be useful!

Please note, it's best to use incense that is made with ALL NATURAL oils! They work best, and you cannot find them at most stores! Mostly Metaphysical shops (Magik stores) have the best, all natural, home made incense!

Amber - Good for use for protection, and healing.
Balsam - Good for healing, clearing, and protective use.
Orange - Good for use for natural anti-depressant, and balance emotions.
Cactus - Good for beauty, love, and protection.
Cedar - Good for use of self confidence, purifying, strengthening, and good for eliminating odors.
Cinnamon - Good for love, success, and money.
Cypress - Good for cleansing, strengthening spirit, and healing.
Violet - Good for good fortune.
Frankincense - Good use for spiritual, purifying, and cleansing.
Geranium - Good for love, strength, and protection.
Jasmine - Good to use for anti-depressant, love, and balance.
Juniper Berry - Good for uplifting, self confidence, and stress relief.
Lavender - Good for balancing, stress relieving, and headache relief.
Lily - Good for protection, purifying, and spiritual use.
Lilac - Good for beauty, romance, and Psychic.
Lotus - Good for cleansing, purifying, protection, and enlightenment.
Mystic - Good for spiritual, and centering.
Moss - Good for growth, strength, and luck.
Myrrh - Good for cleansing, clarifying, spiritual.
Patchouli - Good for calming, stress relieving, and eliminates odors.
Peppermint - Good for health, stress, and headache relief. 
Pinon - Good for purification, protection, and Psychic.
Pine - Good for protection and purifying.
Rose - Good for balance, strength, patience, and love.
Rosemary - Good for clarity, focus, and protection.
Rosewood - Good for balancing, and eliminating odors.
Sage - Good for soothing and  Euphoric. Can also be used as a cleansing, blessing, and protecting incense.
Sandalwood - Good for relaxing, balancing, and centering.
Spice - Good for good fortune, and passion.
Sweet Graham - Good for use of happiness, comfort, and family.
Sweet Grass - Good for purifying, dreams, and spiritual.
Syringa - Good for calming, energy block release, and activates the crown Chakra.
Tangerine - Good for happiness, and creativity.
Vanilla - Good for calming, soothing, and love.
Vetivert - Good for use of grounding, stress relieving, and self confidence.
Ylang Ylang - This is an exotic love scent. Good for stress relief, and self confidence.
Dragon's Blood - Good for protection, banishing, luck, love, success, and enhancing mental science.

More will be listed on Part Two, coming soon!

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