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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brigham Cemetery Investigation Feb 25, 2012

Tonight's investigation took place at Brigham Cemetery. Myself and Jack have been there twice before, and it never seems to let us down. This cemetery was also our first cemetery investigation as a formal team.

Tonight's activity seemed to be quiet, except for a few interesting Ghost Box sessions that we had. This investigation happened to be the first investigation for our newest member, Paul. He had never seen, other than on TV, how the Ghost Box really worked, and I think he ended up with several surprises.

First, Paul asked any spirits present to say his name. After saying his name three times in a row, when asked, a different voice said his last name. He was shocked, as we never said his last name during the investigation, and wondered how any spirits could have known his last name. The only thing I could think of is that a recently passed family member was with us, and they were saying his name to let him know that they were near him.

Later on during the investigation, again with the Ghost Box, Paul asked if the spirit liked him. The first answer (male) was 'No'. When asked again, another spirit (female) said 'Yes'.

Another thing that I found very interesting was, again during a Ghost Box session, John's name was said. When I told him that the box said his name, he reminded me that he has never been to the cemetery before, and wondered how spirits present could know his name.

So, all in all, it seemed to be an interesting investigation, to say the least. Can't wait to start the audio review, to see if any other unexplainable voices were captured!

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