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Monday, July 16, 2012

Deep Thoughts and Feelings

Most of the new people I meet are constantly asking me why I'm in the Paranormal Field. I go through the long list of experiences with most of the people, to help try to explain why I became a Paranormal Investigator in the first place. However, like always, there's more than meets the eye. No, I am not in this field for money. No, I am not in this field for fame. I could care less about landing a TV show, or even being on TV. This post, you will learn more about me. More than I've really ever shared with anyone, other than my husband, and the rest of my family. And, truth be told, not even most of my family know about what I'm about to disclose here.

As far back as I can remember, I have had paranormal experiences. Some good, some bad, and some that just make don't make any sense to me.

Growing up, and having paranormal experiences constantly was very hard for me. I didn't know who I could trust. I didn't know how to talk about it, I couldn't even talk about it with my so called 'friends', for fear of being considered a freak, or being crazy because of all that I was going through. So, growing up, I hid all these experiences, and fears that I had. I had to put on a 'front' because I didn't wanna let anyone in, let alone tell anyone about all the things I was going through. The fear, the hurt, the anger, etc. It was always inside me, even though all the people around me didn't know.

It came to a point where I decided to tell my closest friend about the things that I would see. However, I did not go into much detail, just that I could see spirits, and other things that I couldn't explain. She then, got very quiet, and looked at me like I was crazy. Only later to find out, that she no longer wanted to be my friend. From that point forward, I decided to tell no one else about my experiences, due to the fear of being considered a freak.

It wasn't until I met my husband, Jack, when I was 19, that I finally felt comfortable enough to tell someone about my experiences. And guess what? He didn't think I was crazy one bit. In fact, he then started to tell me of his experiences when he was growing up. It was such a relief to me, knowing that I wasn't the only one going through those types of things.

Finally, when we started up our team, it was my goal, from that point forward, to help everyone I possibly could. To help them cope, to let them know that they aren't alone in their experiences, and to make them feel more comfortable in their home. Even if it isn't through an investigation. I want everyone to know, even if you are skeptical, paranormal experiences are real. And if you have a friend that confides in you about things that are happening to them, please listen to them, and lend a shoulder. Even if you don't know how to help. You will never imagine how much help it would be to a person just to be able to openly talk about it, without  being judged. I wish I had a friend growing up that I could talk to openly about everything I was going through. But, now that the paranormal field isn't as 'taboo', maybe more people will be able to discuss their feelings and experiences without being judged.

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