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Monday, September 10, 2012

Recent Hill House Manor Investigation

Our last investigation at the infamously haunted Hill House Manor took place on Sunday, September 9th, 2012. This is one of G.P.S.'s favorite places to investigate, simply because the house is so active! And, let me tell you, this investigation was no different than any of our other investigations, although, we had quite a few things happen right before our eyes, that were simply unexplainable. It had all of those who witnessed the experiences, including myself, saying "What the heck?!"

Some of us arrived at Hill House Manor a little before 7pm. As we were waiting to be let in, we sat on the porch, and were just chatting. We could feel the heaviness while just sitting on the porch.

Once we were let in, we all gathered in the living room area, to just have a little small talk with the owner, Linda. All of our equipment bags were safely put on the floor. All of a sudden, when everyone was sitting down, and we were just talking, a very heavy video equipment bag fell over, by itself. At the time, Linda's back was turned. When she heard the bag fall, she quickly turned around, with a questionable look. She then said "Did that just fall over by itself?" I then said "Yes, it did!" Now, if someone were walking, I could easily debunk this experience. But no one was walking, nor was anyone even moving their feet against the floor in any way. So, taking everything into consideration, I have no other conclusion than to label it as unexplainable.

Later, after the investigation had started, those who were not around (although there were two witnesses to this) learned that G.P.S. Member Autumn, had gotten scratched, to the point of bleeding. Most of the scratch itself quickly disappeared, although there was still a small scratch, that you could tell had been bleeding. She even had blood on her shirt.

One of the other more dramatic unexplainable events that had happened, happened while myself, and three others were in the living room area. There is a big dresser in the living room area, that holds a small TV, and a few other things on top of it. Suddenly, at of no where, one of the drawers completely fell off of the dresser, making a very, very loud bang as it hit the wooden floor. It had everyone frozen for several seconds. We tried debunking this as us walking. However, out of all the times we have been there, this has NEVER happened before. Even when there have been 20 people in the living room area, at the same time. And, when this happened, there were only three of us in the area. So, again, this had to be labeled as unexplainable.

I hope, as we go over the video, and audio collected from this visit, we will be able to reveal some awesome findings!!

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